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GSoC: I Am Alive! (And bookmarks too!)

First I want to apologise because I haven’t blogged fo a month about my gsoc. But that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been working, quite contrary. I’ve been having limited connectivity and the limited time I got access to Internet I didn’t feel like blogging. Now I do. Lot’s of things have happened. I’ve even suffered the H1N1 but don’t worry about that because it’s not as bad as TV shows: for me it was two days with flu and the third day I was 100% ok.

The konqueror bookmarks menu is already rewritten to support the new bookmarks system.  I like to read see other people’s code because it can inspire me when I want to develop something. Thus, I’ve been reading Arora code and I liked their idea of using QAbstractItemModel as the data source for QMenu and that’s how I’ve implemented the new bookmarks menu.

I’ve always wanted to have menus more advanced than just normal menus. When I saw that inside Mac OS X Help menu there’s a search bar I knew I wanted to have something like that in KDE and I wondered if that was possible. The answer is yes. Qt Menu system allows to insert custom widgets with WidgetAction class so I’ve added a Search Bar to Bookmarks Menu. When you type in the search bar, the source model of the Bookmark menu changes to a DescendantsPRoxyModel which represent all bookmarks and folders in a flat list and uses a QSortFilterProxyModel to filter out results. It’s not finished yet, there are some issues with the search but all in all I’m quite satisfied. Next step: Awesome bar, and fix more bugs =).

I’ve also been working on the bookmarks organizer, fixing bugs, adding support inline bookmark editing in the bookmarks view using double-click, adding a BreadCrumb view similar to Dolphin’s breadcrumb mode but using a QAbstractItemModel as a source for paths, etc. Here’s a small videocast where I show some of the mentioned features in action: