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GSoC biweekly report++ – State of the bookmarks editor

Summers is already here for those who haven’t noticed – we’re having 44ºC here in Sevilla during the day and yesterday it was 36ºC at 23:30. That’s how Spain can be like in summer, so GCDS assistants you’ve been warned and don’t forget swim-wear!

First week of June I went to the AC/DC Madrid concert and it was awesome, but I didn’t program much that week. This week I’ve been working in the bookmarks editor, and now you can see that it’s getting more featureful. However I’d first like to share some comments about other bookmarks editors I’ve found over the net.

Safari 4 bookmarks editor with the iTunes-like cover view the most impressive:


I haven’t tested it, but it’s quite clear that the cover view eats a lot of space. They remove the space dedicated for showing the details of current bookmark, and instead (I guess) the bookmarks are editable “inline”.

Another interesting point worth mentioning is that in the left side they have two sections: Collections and Bookmarks. In the new Konqueror bookmark editor I’m using Akonadi, and Akonadi already uses the concept of collections internally so something like that will be easy to implement. Instead of showing in the left a Tree with a Root element and everything inside that (Bookmarks Toolbar, Bookmarks Menu, Recently Added Bookmarks, Unclassified bookmarks, etc) I could use a lateral panel similar to the one used in the Open file dialog with those items, and then show a breadcrumb widget over the bookmarks listing widget to let the user know (and manage) the current location:

bookmarks 15 june - open file

Okey now let’s see what I’ve done so far. You can add, remove bookmarks, and edit them (either using the line edits or even inline in the bookmarks view), and also I’ve borrowed some code from dolphin to make the bookmarks view columns resize nicely. And you can show whatever columns you choose, it’s up to you:

bookmarks 14 june

If you look closely, you see that the menus are pretty similar to the current bookmarks editor menu. I’ve just replaced the Bookmarks and Folder menus with an Organize menu. Taking a look at Firefox bookmarks organizer vs. current Konqueror bookmarks editor, I see that Konqueror has more options but even then they seem quite intuitive. Also something to wonder is how is FF bookmarks organizer missing toolbar buttons for the most common actions: New Bookmark, New Folder, Remove.

bookmarks 14 june - cols

Next week, I want to have all the already listed features in the bookmarks editor working (see for example the “Find in bookmarks”? it doesn’t work. Same for the breadcrumb which is just some text in a label, etc), and the following week I’ll hopefully have sorted out how to do the virtual folders structure and show it to the user in the bookmarks editor.