GSoC weekly report

I have decided to do the GSoC weekly report thing. Sometime after deciding that I noticed that I need to actually write and post in the blog the report because the report doesn’t write itself – go figure! Technology doesn’t seem to be so advanced to do it automatically just yet. So here I go.

In this project I will be reimplementing the Konqueror bookmarks system using Akonadi and Nepomuk. I already have KDE trunk compiled but I needed to be sure both Akonadi and Nepomuk are up and running correctly. Both worked fine in my Samsung laptop setup, but in my Netbook I needed to install libmysqlclient15-dev deb package, rebuild qt-copy with -plugin-sql-mysql config option, and of course rebuild Akonadi, because even if I had other DBs working, the only one currectly supported in Akonadi is Mysql.

Oh yeah you read it right, I do compile and develop in an Acer Aspire One netbook, with an Intel Atom and 1Gb of RAM, and it works just fine. It’s a bit slower when rebuilding a whole package, but other than that it’s ok. And when doing such a thing (rebuilding qt-copy for example) I can always use icecream and let the other machines at home handle the tough compiling stuff.

Alright, now I have a working environment. Next step? Get used to Akonadi and Nepomuk, learn how to use their APIs to make myself feel at home with them and thus be able to develop the concrete details about how to design the new Konqi bookmarks system. Thanks to the Akonadi and Nepomuk tutorials found in Techbase, the nice API documentation found in, the code itself of both libraries and the pieces of sofware which use those utilities (like krunner or dolphin), together with the invaluable help provided by friendly people in #akonadi and #nepomuk-kde channels, learning is a joy and it’s very easy to do so. That’s something to be proud of in the KDE community!

I’ve setup a public Github repository in which I will dump everything I’m doing related to my GSoC project. This way I will use it to synchronize easily my laptop and my netbook. That means this repo will really contain everything I’m working on. At the moments there’s nothing close to being useful for anyone else than me, it’s all tests and the tutorials of Techbase a bit modified for my needs. So children be aware this is not for public consumption, so you’ve been warned. On the other hand and once said that, it has the advantage that you can see what I’m doing right now if you are brave enough to do so.

This blog post is becoming larger than I pretend it to be, so I will stop here today. Next time I will talk about what’s Akonadi and what’s Nepomuk, how I’m going to design the architecture of the brand new bookmarks system and what is so cool about it. And I promise I will insert at least a picture in next gsoc weekly report even if that means choosing one randomly from or /dev/null (is there a difference anyway?). Have a nice day!

1 Response to “GSoC weekly report”

  1. 1 Chani mayo 8, 2009 de 2:41 pm

    last year I thought I could use git to share between my laptop and desktop.

    the problem is git-svn. I broke its tiny little mind, and I had to start a new master branch.

    if you’re going to work from both computers, you can only use git-svn from one. choose wisely. I’d suggest making it your laptop, because I started with my desktop, and when I realised I’d be away from home for a while I tried to switch, and that’s when everything went crazy and it was a PITA to fix.


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