Archivo para 23 abril 2009

GSoC: Konqueror Bookmarks with Akonadi and Nepomuk

I’ve been accepted as a Google Summer of Code student too for KDE! Third time lucky. Of the two propossals I sent, the one about getting a brand new bookmarks system for konqueror is the one which got accepted.  That’s great, because current Konqueror bookmarks was showing its age. Most of the main browsers today have a more advanced bookmarking system. Currently it’s easier for a user to search his bookmarks with krunner than doing so with Konqueror itself. This will be no more. The bookmarks will now be stored with Nepomuk and Akonadi and will be easily found using an awesome location bar similar to firefox’ one, using krunner, the bookmarks editor or the bookmarks menu itself.

As Chani (who has also been accepted as a GSoC student this year) has suggested, I’ll do a GSoC weekly report of my project, so be tunned konqueror users! Now that we are in the community bonding period, I’ve started the project by fixing some konqueror bugs that I should have fixed long time ago, and will continue by testing the grounds of Akonadi and Nepomuk. Today it’s been quite productive, I commited 4 bugfix-patches to trunk, and I even had time to play the drums and continue working in a patch of mine whose purpose is adding virtual mesh networks support in VirtualBox. That will allow me to test meshias in my own laptop using virtual machines. What is meshias? it’s my final project in the university which is an implementation of the AODV mesh networks routing protocol. Good stuff :D.

Now it’s time to go to the university, so have a good afternoon and goodluck with your community bonding process to everyone participating in GSoC.