Better kwallet integration in konqueror is coming

This week has started the second four-month period of my (hopefully) last year studying Computer Science. And it’s been quite productive: I’ve been working in Meshias (my final-year project, an implementation of AODV protocol for mesh networks) the first days of the week, and then I’ve been working in Konqueror these last days.

Yesterday I fixed a bug in Konqueror by using the just discovered KConfig Anonymous Groups, which internally store its data only in memory instead of having it also stored in a file on the disk. It’s a little known feature of KConfig but very useful one, and you might as well use it in your application.

And if yesterday I only fixed a bug, today I reworked the KWallet integration in Konqi. Until now, when KHTML asked you if you wanted to save in KWallet the login information you entered in a web form, a modal dialog popped out and it would sit there, waiting for an answer from you, not doing nothing until you make up your mind or simply until you notice that you have to answer that dialog. That was wasting user’s valuable time, and it’s clear to me that the interface could be improved. This became obvious when navigators like Firefox implemented this feature using a non-modal dialog which sits quietly at the top of the navigator as a bar.

So that’s exactly what I implemented, in a non-invented here fashion. I’ve just finished implementing the code and it has not been committed/reviewed yet; it will be reviewed and hopefully committed soon to trunk so that all of you can test this new feature. For now, you can get a screenshot of how it’s looking right now: Better KWallet integration in Konqueror

Any ideas of how improving the UI? If you have an idea for bettering kwallet integration in konqueror, don’t be shy and comment it – I might even try to code it ;-).


60 Responses to “Better kwallet integration in konqueror is coming”

  1. 1 JavierBere febrero 28, 2009 de 4:22 am

    I’d recommend changing the color of the appearing dialog. I know it looks nice with its seamless integration to the ui, however that’s exactly the reason why it needs to be changed. The point is, it doesn’t draw attention to itself. The concept of changing the color was first added so the user would actually notice the fact that it showed up. You mentioned yourself some users fail to see the popup dialog, so they’re even more likely to notice it if it’s turned into something that integrates so well XD
    Just my two cents. Love that this feature is finally being added to konqui.
    Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. 2 Chani febrero 28, 2009 de 4:34 am

    in kde3 the dialog was non-modal (I know because I would often wait to see if I got the password *right* before saving it) but this is even better.

  3. 3 manu febrero 28, 2009 de 4:48 am

    Maybe I’m alone here, but I like the way things are presented in Chrome: the ‘do not store’ is sort of redundant here, since closing the dialog will have the same effect.

    Now maybe people would panic and feel obligated to clic somewhere, leading to much confusion or frustration.

  4. 4 rakuco febrero 28, 2009 de 6:03 am

    Hopefully this will fix bug 168060 🙂

    I second both manu and JavierBere in that the non-modal dialog should have a different colour and the “Do not store” button is a bit useless.

    More love could be given to the labels to make it even more user-friendly too.

    Keep up the good work!

  5. 5 minatolf febrero 28, 2009 de 7:55 am

    I know this may be out of the topic, but i will just say it here since it’s about improving Konqueror.

    Would it be possible to make a team with the Foxmarks developers so that KDE users have a Foxmarks plugin to have all their Firefox/IE/Safari bookmarks in Konqueror with just one click. It is something that keeps me away from Konqueror, since I have various PC’s under my control (home, work, etc) and I can’t live without my bookmarks beeing sync.

  6. 6 Patcito febrero 28, 2009 de 9:08 am

    It would be good to be able to save several accounts per form. For now kwallet will only save one login/password per gmail for example. In firefox, when I put the focus on the login textbox, I get an autocomplete of all the account I saved. It would be awesome to have that in konqueror.

  7. 7 Anmol febrero 28, 2009 de 9:25 am

    I know it is not related to Kwallet.

    But can you add Opera/Chrome like Speed Dial to Konqueror ?

  8. 8 Jeff febrero 28, 2009 de 10:01 am

    Good job! I was hoping a non-modal dialog would come back.

    such a thing exists already, it’s just not in mainline Konqueror code (at least not that I know of). Check and/or softpedia.

  9. 9 Dave Taylor febrero 28, 2009 de 10:18 am

    I’m with Anmol, it really could do with Chrome’s automatically populated speed dial page; An absolute must for modern browsers.

    I have to admit I do like the new aim to minimise the size of the gui and having the tabs in the window border looks like a good way to go but hopefully in a way that the tabs actually line up with the window border button’s rather than being below which defeats the purpose.

  10. 10 mark febrero 28, 2009 de 10:23 am

    That’s cool. What would be a nice to have: The possibility to get back to the dialogue when you accidentally clicked the wrong button. The rest: Keep up with the good work!

  11. 11 pierre-luc febrero 28, 2009 de 10:38 am

    Well, first of all, I think the color needs to be different. It’s not really obvious and would be easy to miss.

    I guess it would be nice if it popped up from under the top menu with the physics rebound thingie from the animations to make it stand out to the user. But that’s just a guess, it could be annoying but I think it’s worth a shot.

    I wonder if it might be beneficial or not to say that kwallet is storing the password. It’s not really obvious what is storing the infos, but at the same time most users would only be confused by saying it. It might actually be nice to only have the wallet icon with a tooltip saying kwallet.

  12. 12 Anonymous febrero 28, 2009 de 11:13 am

    I think I would exchange the icons of “Never for this site” and “Do not store”.

    Great work!!!

  13. 13 Jakob Petsovits febrero 28, 2009 de 11:49 am

    I think no icons at all would make for the nicest looks in this case.

    Great work!!!

  14. 14 Fri13 febrero 28, 2009 de 12:11 pm

    Well, I must say that I have never liked the idea to have new bar appearing to top of the browser. The aka Firefox style. Mayby because the browser continues loading, even that you did not enter the correct password.

    But I like this more than the current way what is on Konqueror. But same time I agree that bar need to be different color. Mayby always littebit darker or with specific color (light yellow etc?). But same time I think it should be by default, but have option for advanced users to keep it just like it is now, seamisly integrated to UI.

    But what I want really to see, is capabilities to store multiple usernames. Altought not many has multiple accounts on different places and in family, every memeber should have own account for computer.

    And one thing what I have always hated… (really hated!) on Firefox account management, is that if you click “never on this site”… you do not actually see that dialoge never again. You can reset the page somewhere, but I have never have time to search that. So please, make easy way to get that setting resetted. From Kwallet or if possible, from konuqueror menu or behind right click etc.

    I hate this function because so many times other users clicks on one site “Never store” when they needed to press “Do not store” and I have own accounts there where I have pressed sometimes “Do not store” (yet).

  15. 15 Fri13 febrero 28, 2009 de 12:24 pm

    Needed to include something. (too hasty “Enviar” presser!)

    I toke now time to search the place where to reset password askin on firefox. Bretty hard place. Edit -> Preferencess -> Security (tab) -> Exeptions -> Remove.

    It should be more or less with 2-3 steps if just possible.

    And secondly, I suggest that new password storing toolbar would not take 100% horisontal space. Just what is needed on right corner.

    Then I would understand the 2 bar size if it would be like this:

    |Do you want to store login information on this site?|
    |[Store] [Do not store] [X] Dont ask again [X]| (close)

  16. 16 patpi febrero 28, 2009 de 12:52 pm

    1) “x” button on the left isn’t best place, mostly because in all other KDE apps “x”‘s are on the right.

    2) I also think, as others, that ‘do not store” is not needed here. “X” button – working as “do not store” on the right would by enough, and similar to other KDE aps.

    3) That it is good idea to exchange the icons of “Never for this site” and “Do not store”.

    4) Suggested by Fri13 “Do you want to store login information on this site?” is much easier for an end user to understand

    5) Showing an ‘password” icon from Oxygen would by a good indicator what is happening here.

    So it could look like this:

    [‘pasword icon’ from oxygen on the left] ; Do you want to store login information on this site? ; [Store] ; [Never for This Site] ; [X] button

    keep up the good work! 🙂

  17. 17 Diego febrero 28, 2009 de 1:17 pm

    How can you access Gmail in Konqueror? :O

  18. 18 mario febrero 28, 2009 de 1:49 pm

    nice feature, its not an issue for me with the modal dialog. but i think its important to assure that you can still use shortcuts. with the modal dialog, this isnt a problem of course. but on the screenshot i spot the “s” for store, but the s is already bound to the settings menu item. this would be annoying for me. thanks!

  19. 19 Robin febrero 28, 2009 de 2:31 pm

    last time I checked it wasn’t possible to deactivate kwallet integration. It was hardcoded in the source of khtml or konqui: If kwallet is enabled, use it!

    Well, I don’t like saving passwords in a browser but sometimes I need kwallet for other things. So how about a “save passwords [x]” somewhere in the options (i.e. new security tab)?

  20. 20 Psychotron febrero 28, 2009 de 3:05 pm

    Generally I like the idea of getting rid of that blocking dialog. However one issue I have with the Firefox way of displaying a new bar below the toolbars is: I always makes the content move down and up, when the bar is shown or hidden (it does that for popups too)… That’s why I never liked it the way it was done in Firefox. Does that happen in your implementation, too? If so, how about showing this bar at the bottom instead? Or display it in a way that the web content isn’t moved i.e. just overlaying the wallet bar?

  21. 21 Artem S. Tashkinov febrero 28, 2009 de 3:55 pm

    Thanks for your work, but these two bugs are far more important/annoying to me:

  22. 22 flo febrero 28, 2009 de 5:13 pm

    a feature I (and many friends) are really waiting for: kwallet is used for all kde passwords. but many of them have different importance. My password to enter my bank-web site has higher security-needs than my password to enter
    It would be great if it would be possible to select a wallet when konqueror wants to store a password. This way I could assign a difficult secure passwort to my bank-site, and an easy (or none) for the other ones.

  23. 23 spart febrero 28, 2009 de 6:00 pm

    this looks excellent…
    In my experience though, this kind of dialog is so uninvasive, that you end up not noticing them even when you want to!

    Maybe this could be adressed with some specific background colour (e.g KColorScheme::PositiveBackground ? – Not sure that’s well suited though). Also then, the noticability might depend on the website’s own background colour…

  24. 24 blueget febrero 28, 2009 de 7:53 pm

    Great that Konqueror gets more attention now, it deserves it and greatly needs it. What I would recommend is the possibility of configuring if the old dialog should be used.

    What I *really* miss in Konqueror is the possibility to have multiple accounts for on site, as well as an Opera-Like “Wand” System, which makes it easier to use multiple accounts and as well reduces the click-work needed to log in greatly. I would really love to see such a thing in Konqueror, and it would be extra cool to have it configurable between the “normal Way” and the “Opera Way”.

  25. 25 pierre-luc febrero 28, 2009 de 11:16 pm

    I’m really NOT for this proposition :
    ” “X” button – working as “do not store” on the right would b[e] enough”

    I would rather get rid of the “X” icon, because it’s simply the one that is NOT obvious. Keep the “Do not store” where it’s at and remove the “X” completely.

    There is nothing inherent to the “X” telling that it will or will not keep the info.

  26. 26 Dhraakellian marzo 1, 2009 de 12:16 am

    “Mayby always littebit darker or with specific color (light yellow etc?).”

    Perhaps use the tooltip colors to make it stand out and avoid hardcoding?

    I second the multiple accounts suggestion.

    I also would not mind seeing per-site password entries instead of per-URL.

  27. 28 Andre marzo 1, 2009 de 11:06 am

    Your reason for wanting multiple accounts to store is the worst imaginable, IMHO. If several family memebers use the computer, simply set up separate user accounts on that computer. Then they will have separate wallets as well, and there will be no problems with the different account settings any more.

    As for the idea: I like it that work is being done here, but I’m not sure this is the way to go. I think it would be nicer if the the question came in the form of a non-intrusive extender from the wallet icon in the system tray.

  28. 29 cheko marzo 1, 2009 de 1:29 pm

    Please use the same color as in other KDE-Apps (for example Gwenview and Dolphin have something similar).

  29. 30 Sven marzo 1, 2009 de 8:31 pm

    I second that an easy to find dialogue that allows you to change the settings for webpages is needed. Ify ou click on “never” by accident, there seems not way to reset that setting.

  30. 31 Fri13 marzo 1, 2009 de 10:54 pm

    @Andre: Didn’t you notice that I mentioned that multiple family members should have own account?

    But because you said that my suggestion of multiple account is worst… I bet that you do not have multiple E-Mail accounts on same service, like GMail?

    I have two GMail accounts and currently I can have only one stored to Kwallet. What you suggest me to do, move my school E-Mail address to Hotmail and keep my personal one on GMail or vice-versa?

    I am sorry, but Konqueror needs multiple-account support for KWallet usage. I bet that there is lots of other users than me, who has multiple different accounts on same webservice.

    Same thing goes for WWW-servers where you can log in as multiple different admin for different parts etc. It is just vital functionality what is needed.

    At least it should be possible to have different KWallets for different accounts, so you can store multiple account information in secure way, _someway_.

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