Archivo para 28 febrero 2009

Better kwallet integration in konqueror is coming

This week has started the second four-month period of my (hopefully) last year studying Computer Science. And it’s been quite productive: I’ve been working in Meshias (my final-year project, an implementation of AODV protocol for mesh networks) the first days of the week, and then I’ve been working in Konqueror these last days.

Yesterday I fixed a bug in Konqueror by using the just discovered KConfig Anonymous Groups, which internally store its data only in memory instead of having it also stored in a file on the disk. It’s a little known feature of KConfig but very useful one, and you might as well use it in your application.

And if yesterday I only fixed a bug, today I reworked the KWallet integration in Konqi. Until now, when KHTML asked you if you wanted to save in KWallet the login information you entered in a web form, a modal dialog popped out and it would sit there, waiting for an answer from you, not doing nothing until you make up your mind or simply until you notice that you have to answer that dialog. That was wasting user’s valuable time, and it’s clear to me that the interface could be improved. This became obvious when navigators like Firefox implemented this feature using a non-modal dialog which sits quietly at the top of the navigator as a bar.

So that’s exactly what I implemented, in a non-invented here fashion. I’ve just finished implementing the code and it has not been committed/reviewed yet; it will be reviewed and hopefully committed soon to trunk so that all of you can test this new feature. For now, you can get a screenshot of how it’s looking right now: Better KWallet integration in Konqueror

Any ideas of how improving the UI? If you have an idea for bettering kwallet integration in konqueror, don’t be shy and comment it – I might even try to code it ;-).

Escándalo electoral en las Autonómicas y Europeas

La Junta Electoral Central niega la recogida de firmas antes de la convocatoria electoral a PIRATA y otros partidos minoritarios exigiendo condiciones absurdas como la necesidad de recoger las 15 mil firmas para poderse presentar a las Europeas en tan sólo 3 semanas, recogiéndolas una a una ante notario pagando 60 mil euros o bien validando las firmas ayuntamiento por ayuntamiento a lo largo de la geografía española.

Más en el comunicado de PIRATA. Hay que decirlo más.