Archivo para 25 septiembre 2008

Back in black & Akregator news

So this summer I spent some nice holidays in Ireland, Akademy was fantastic, and then the September exams were not so nice but they at least already ended so that’s ok. Yeah, it’s been quite a while since last time I blogged but now I’m back in black, once again, to make KDE 4.2 rock.

I haven’t started the classes yet and I already I’ve got already a lot of exciting projects in my head. Since yesterday I’ve been touching the code of Akregator. It is one of the applications I use the most throughout the day, together with KMail, Konqueror and Kopete, because thanks to this excellent feed reader I read the news from meneame, digg, slashdot, Planet KDE, and so on.

But akregator 4.1 seemed to have a major leak of memory because after using it for some days I end up with it using more than 300Mb of memory and that’s not right. So I had to closed akregator and reopen it, but doing that I lose the tabs I had opened in akregator. So? No problem sir, I will go straight to the code and try to fix it. That’s what I did!

Today I’ve commited a patch to trunk that adds support in akregator to automatically save the tabs you have opened when you close it, and they are restored the next time you run akregator. And the same will happen when you close KDE and login again if you have KDE configured to save & restore session. This will be available in KDE 4.2. Also, I fixed a leak in akregator, because sometimes it was not freeing the tab when you closed one. That fix is backported to KDE 4.1 too.

I must say that the akregator people have been very friendly to me and I will probably send more patches to them in the future. However now what I have in mind is getting an even better session support in konqueror, so be tunned =). Ok, I think that’s all for today.