New kid on the block (Part II)

Knock knock?

kDebug() << “Hello Planet KDE!” << endl;

If everything has gone right, I’m already in the show and prepared to rock this feed with my new shinny blog. I figured out that I should participate more in the community, talking about what I do in Konqueror, and perhaps I can even attract more new developers to Konqi or current konqueror developers to Planet KDE. Either of those ideas seems nice to me.

I didn’t get in GSoC but that doesn’t mean that I won’t continue working in KDE/Konqueror, quite the contrary, it only means that I will continue doing just for fun only =). In a following post I will talk about the incoming session management support for Konqueror, which hopefully will end up in KDE 4.1.


8 Responses to “New kid on the block (Part II)”

  1. 1 apol abril 30, 2008 en 10:42 pm

    Bienvenido a Planet KDE!!

  2. 2 gstock abril 30, 2008 en 11:11 pm

    Doesn’t KDebug() like qDebug() output a new line automatically?

  3. 3 Bernhard abril 30, 2008 en 11:24 pm

    ah.. session management… nice… I’ve missed this since years.
    I really appreciate the work you and the rest of the kde devs do!

  4. 4 edulix abril 30, 2008 en 11:43 pm

    gstock: yes it’s true I missed that =)

  5. 5 Korosu Itai abril 30, 2008 en 11:51 pm

    Jaja, genial Edu! Mucha suerte 😉

  6. 6 Jos mayo 1, 2008 en 9:04 am

    kDebug() << “Welcome!”;

  7. 7 student mayo 1, 2008 en 7:51 pm

    Thank you for working on this. This is sooo important to me, and I really need a working session manager. Thanks……


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