Archivo para 30 abril 2008

New kid on the block (Part II)

Knock knock?

kDebug() << “Hello Planet KDE!” << endl;

If everything has gone right, I’m already in the show and prepared to rock this feed with my new shinny blog. I figured out that I should participate more in the community, talking about what I do in Konqueror, and perhaps I can even attract more new developers to Konqi or current konqueror developers to Planet KDE. Either of those ideas seems nice to me.

I didn’t get in GSoC but that doesn’t mean that I won’t continue working in KDE/Konqueror, quite the contrary, it only means that I will continue doing just for fun only =). In a following post I will talk about the incoming session management support for Konqueror, which hopefully will end up in KDE 4.1.

New blog on the block

Hello everyone! Here is my new shinny blog. A veces escribiré en español, and some other times I’ll write in English, mostly when I want to appear in KDE planet. I will talk about my works on Konqueror, the Google Summer of Code in case I get accepted, and who knows what more. We’ll see.